Corporate Annuncements

Entire Digital acquires Casa Magazine

Milan, June 10th 2020 – Entire Digital’s founder & CEO, Massimiliano Squillace, announced the acquisition of, magazine completely dedicated to design, real estate and home decor, with the leadership of Cristina di Fede.

The magazine for everyone who loves design, from news and new trends to tips and advices about how to decorate your home.

Casa Magazine is the new entry of Entire Digital, data-driven company which provides tailored technology for publishers, media outlets and every business online through an advanced system of proprietary AI. This machine learning model helps the identification, the creation and the development of content, individuating the best trends.

Entire Digital is already famous for the brand, among the first 20 news websites according to Audiweb (March) and in the top 15 of the most active media according to Sensemakers (April), which is one of the strong points of the company, thanks to its over 10 million users fanbase and with more of 150 million page views per month. Following its internationalization strategy, the company is at full expansion, started with the acquisition of the media outlets in France, Spain and United Kingdom. 

The operation inaugurates a new entry among the magazines by the media tech company, with the leadership of Cristina Di Fede as content supervisor od  Casa Magazine. The magazine is completely dedicate to the excellence of the interior design, thought to include and welcome tips and advices about design, architecture, art and domotics. A brand new window on the real estate world but not only, tailored for each user thanks to Entire Digital’s proprietary technology. «If there is a great opportunity, you can only say “yes”» says Cristina Di Fede with regard to the new magazine. «Innovation is the key. We will not provide only suggestions and news, our purpose is identifying the best answer to our readers’ curiosity and demands. We will always be updated to the latest news, styles and trends with a completely original and fresh look».