Corporate Annuncements

Entire Digital, THINK: the new international magazine about innovation, future and technology

Milan, June 1st 2020 – Massimiliano Squillace, CEO of Entire Digital, media tech company which bases its content production on a data-driven approach, announces the arrival of Think, new global brand about technology, investments, lifestyle and social impact. News about content offert and firms, which will be giving space to innovation and technological topics. A window on change narratives, online from June 2020.

The wide range of information by Entire Digital, composed by magazine thoughts for different targets, expands its offer to those who like think about the future and innovation.

Think: a new possibility for Italian companies to valorise themselves, a new space to tell stories about solutions and innovations.

The magazine starts operating in Italy as a pilot, supported by a PR Outreach and digital advertising campaign through different channels, but there is already the plan to open in France and UK in autumn.

Think is a tool to think, imagine and understand the future. Shaping different and inclusive perspectives, exploring the narrative of change: Think  

Think è uno strumento per pensare, immaginare e capire il futuro. Modellare prospettive diverse e inclusive, esplorare la narrativa del cambiamento: these are one of the main objectives

An alternative and international focus on the world that is being formed, thanks to new business and innovation that increase every day more. «The future is already here – It’s just not very evenly distributed» said William Gibson, and this is it. Future reality exists, we’re the men who are not aware of that.

Think dedicates in-depth sections to the new frontiers of work, marketing, communication, politics, with the contribute of experts, critical thinkers and professionals of these fields, offering the opportunity to show themselves to companies and their businesses.

Entire Digital is the editor of Think. It is a tech company which bases its activities on an advanced system of proprietary AI to innovate the market of content creation industry with a completely data-driven approach, from the trend analysis to the content creation and recommendation, applicable to every kind of business. Entire Digital is already famous because of, main brand in continuous growth thanks to its fanbase with over 10 million followers and more than 150 million of page views per month, among the first 20 news websites (Audiweb, March) and in the top 15 of the most active media in Italy (Sensemakers, April).

Content creation for the new brand will be provided through the hybrid model of production of content creators and machine learning. The Natural Language Generation system, used for content such as economics or finance, optimizes production times and makes the content creation process more efficient. Think will be a ground for innovation, a new resource for millions of community users and a new possibility for companies.The management of this new project was entrusted to Fabrizio Capecelatro. «Think will be our look on the innovation and future world», comments Fabrizio Capecelatro. «A new way to tell perspectives, successful stories and social impact. We will talk to a new audience, concerned about change and with the constant desire to catch up. We will do it consciously, critically capturing all the narratives of change, because there is no future with no vision».