Corporate Annuncements

Entire Digital is entrusted with BacktoWork’s content production

Milan, May 28th 2020 – The purpose of the platform is to provide new tailored content for investors about topics such as  investments, innovation and real economy, creating a new “culture” of investment in startup and SME.

In a historical context with strong interest for the production of content and its growing demand, Entire Digital, media tech company led by Massimiliano Squillace, already present in Milan, Paris, Madrid and London, has taken on the task of producing dedicated economic and financial content for Backtowork, the main platform of equity crowdfunding in Italy that has the mission of encouraging the inflow of finance to the real economy to ensure effective growth of the entrepreneurial fabric.

Increasingly required by companies is the creation of interesting and original content, which can be accessible to everyone and be reflected with users’ needs and preferences. Companies have realized that content is not only necessary, but essential to position themselves, find new customers and improve their brand awareness. It is for this reason that Backtowork has decided to entrust Entire Digital with the production of content for economics and finance, which boasts a strong expertise in the field of content creation for different companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo!: Backtowork is now part of the company’s customer network.

Content, through a strategic and studied approach, helps companies to make themselves visible and recognizable. “Content is the king” said Bill Gates long time ago and it is certain that it will be more and more strategic to show the unprecedented perspective of each company and to help every online business to position itself in the market. 

It is precisely in this context that Backtowork has decided to entrust Entire Digital, a company specialized in data-driven content creation, with the production of its content on investment themes (in particular alternative ones), on innovation and real economy, on startup realities, along with other relevant issues. Entire Digital, therefore, will provide content through its proprietary AI technology, with the aim of intercepting new users by offering them a specialised and certified offer.

A completely data-driven approach for trend discovery that will also be used for Backtowork with the production of content on economics, finance and investment. Entire Digital’s technology will be based on predictive analysis through the use of statistical data and algorithms combined with machine learning techniques in order to produce content in line with economic and finance trends to meet Backtowork’s specificity.

For content production, Entire Digital will use a hybrid production model of machine learning and contributors from all over the world that will provide the perfect solution for the company’s request and the user’s preference. It is an ambitious and technologically interesting project because it will open in Italy a road that has produced remarkable results in other realities of the world for a long time.

«Since our entry into the world of equity crowdfunding the goal we set was to get this innovative tool out of its small market segment, increasing the pool of users who use it to diversify their investments, focusing on startups and SMEs» says Edoardo Reggiani, Head of Business Development of BacktoWork. «In order to do this, it is necessary to provide investors, even the less experienced ones, all the “tools” to make an informed and aware investment. In a particular period like the one we are experiencing, we decided to launch this project precisely to support more and more investors in their choices, and consequently support the Italian entrepreneurial environment».
«We need to build a system that can be used by every company to fully understand the potential of information technology: this is our intuition» says Mario Marzullo, COO of Entire Digital. «Every online business needs attractive and original content to be able to generate interest in users, intercepting also new ones. For this reason we are happy and proud to have been chosen by Backtowork as a partner in this challenge».