Corporate Annuncements

Entire Digital has a new entry in its executive unit: Fabiano Lazzarini

Milan, May 20th 2020 – The team of Entire Digital, the international media tech company headquartered in Milan, strengthens as the recent appointment of Fabiano Lazzarini in support of the corporate commercial strategy, manager with over 20 years of experience in the digital industry.

Entire Digital has developed an advanced system of proprietary AI to innovate the content creation industry with a completely data-driven approach, based on a hybrid model of production of machine learning and contributors from all over the world applicable to every kind of business. The company is famous in Italy for its brand, which represents one of its main strengths and that is among the first 20 news websites according to Audiweb (March) and in the top 15 of the more active media according to Sensemakers (April), thanks to its fanbase that has over 10 million followers and more than 150 million page views per month.

Fabiano Lazzarini arrives in this crucial moment in charge of supporting the company in the commercial strategy definition. Degree in Business and Economics, Fabiano has gained experience in the management and marketing sector and in the digital field; in the latest years he was the country manager of Qwant, while in 2008 he became the first General Manager of IAB Italia, entering its IAB Europe board three years later. With regard to the digital environment, he has held relevant roles for companies such as the Australian REA Group, Shinystat and Yo Agents.

From the start Massimiliano Squillace, founder & CEO of Entire Digital, has believed in his professionalism and expertise, seeing in Lazzarini an important strategic purchase for a company that does not want to settle and wants to continue growing up.

The new Entire Digital’s board appointment is going to give concrete support to commercial aspects in managing the relationships, the trade initiatives and the development of relations with direct clients and media centers, at a national and international level.

«I take this opportunity offered by Entire Digital with enthusiasm because, from the beginning, the potential of this startup was very clear. Thanks to its proprietary technology, it counts with a high-scalable model and boasts of a pool of investors with proven track record of successes» says Fabiano Lazzarini. «As evidence of this, in the last months,, the first property of Entire Digital, has climbed the Audiweb charts positioning itself among the top players but, because of its technology, with a “lighter” structure. In my opinion this represents the most appropriate way to facing the publishing future and working in this environment is extremely motivating».