Corporate Annuncements

Entire Digital entrusts SEO to Optimized Group (DigiTouch Group)

Milan, May 11th 2020 – The editor’s ambition is to apply scalable solution and predictive algorithms to SEO activities dedicated to its leading Italian magazine in order to improve its positioning on Google News.

In a period like this of great interest for online news, Entire Digital, Italian startup led by Massimiliano Squillace and owner of a network of information sites with presence in Italy, UK, Spain and France, chose Optimized Group, SEO and CRO agency of the Digitouch Group (a company listed on the AIM Italia market and specialised in Cloud Marketing and Digital Transformation), as a partner for the Search Engine optimization (SEO) activities of its main brand

During last month, when the interest in online news was huge, with about half of the Italian population involved in reading news related to COVID-19, Entire Digital has officially entered the top 20 of news sites in Italy thanks to The reasons for the success of this media outlet have to do with the use of machine learning algorithms able to predict the issues that can attract the greatest interest of readers, a highly distinctive formula in the industry. 

In this context, which does not intend to settle, has decided to entrust a large agency specialised in SEO with the organic growth of its digital assets, and after a long round of consultations it has chosen Optimized Group for this assignment.

Optimized Group’s SEO consultancy, which will be based on marketing automation, scalable solutions and predictive analytics for, aims to take advantage of the latest features offered by Google results to improve the positioning within Google News. It is an ambitious challenge and a technically complex and state-of-the-art project in the SEO environment.

On the other hand, publishes hundreds of news every day so the game of optimization will be technical and technological, both to leave journalists and predictive algorithms maximum freedom, and – because of such a high volume of content produced – all the optimization must take place ex ante the publication of articles.

«We are a company that uses a data-driven approach, content is determined by a hybrid production model of machine learning and contributors from all over the world. There are millions of people who read our content every day, for this reason we feel obliged – and at the same time proud – to spread real time, truthful and reliable news and updates and it is here that our technology comes into play and helps us to do so. SEO optimization is certainly an essential part of the whole process: for this reason we are happy about the collaboration between Entire Digital and Optimized Group» says Massimiliano Squillace, founder & CEO of Entire Digital Srl.

«We know that, as never before, SEO can generate immense value in a highly competitive market such as online news.That’s why we are happy that Entire Digital has chosen Optimized Group as technical partner in the challenge that has launched to the industry, aware that the applied technology will be the real protagonist on the field in order to achieve new and important goals» says Giovanni Di Giuseppe, Managing Director of Optimized Group.

«Technological skills, innovation and consultancy are distinctive features of our Group’s offer and we are very happy to be able to deploy our talents and skills to support in generating long-term results and creating a real competitive advantage» says Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, President of DigiTouch Group.